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Garage Door Weatherstripping

Get in touch with our team if you need garage door weatherstripping in Airdrie, Alberta. Adding weather seals or replacing the existing strips is necessary for good insulation and is also good for blocking the entrance to critters, bugs, and rodents.

With weather seals embracing the door’s perimeter, the garage door movement is more stable too. But it takes an expert to install weather strips because choosing the wrong seals or doing the garage door weatherstripping installation all wrong will create more troubles than those it will solve.

Avoid all risks and still seal this main entrance of your home without spending much by turning to Garage Door Repair Airdrie.

Garage door weatherstripping in Airdrie

Garage Door Weatherstripping AirdrieFor professional garage door weatherstripping, Airdrie homeowners should contact our team. This job may not be rocket science but is not easy-peasy either. Choosing weather seals, to start with, is a matter of knowing which sections of the garage door must be covered. It’s also important to consider the garage door material.

Weatherstripping garage door metal and wood is not the same. Metal garage door bottom seals, for example, usually have the form of a gasket in a U shape. Or, it may be a T-shaped gasket – also known as an astragal seal. Wood garage doors often have a bottom seal that extends from the bottom to the front of the door.

But let us not burden you with all that. Let us just say that our company is available for garage door weatherstripping repair services. We send techs to replace small or large sections of seals, depending on the extent of the problem. Or, if all seals are worn, the pros cut and install new weather strips on the sides, on the top, and at the bottom of the garage door. Is this a sectional garage door and there’s air intrusion among the panels? Yes, these parts can be sealed too.

Need the bottom seal replaced? All weather seals replaced?

We like to assure you that the pros come out prepared to weatherstrip garage doors. They bring seal choices for your specific garage door and once they measure and check what’s needed, they cut and set up the seals. Whether the seals must be nailed or adhere, they are set up to perfection to facilitate the movement of the garage door and protect the inside area from rainfall, insects, drafts, and any other uninvited visitor. So, if your current intention is to find experts in Airdrie garage door weatherstripping, contact us with no hesitation.

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